Sheesham Wood Furniture

posted Mar 28 2016

The highest-quality material for wood furniture is sheesham wood. This type of furniture will be made from single pieces of wood or wood boards that are glued together to make panels – trees are only so wide, after all. If something is described as being made with sheesham wood, find out if that describes the entire piece or just certain parts.

In India Sheesham is a Rich element of Wooden furniture . Sheesham wood furniture is a natural resource since thousands of years. Because of the Sheesham wood have a great density of cells and have a oil in its good factor to avoid wood worm and the great feature for furniture items and this gives an amazing look of furniture items. This is heavy, strong, dense and affordable features so a natural ways to manufacture furniture items in all ways. Solid wood is considered best for making single piece furniture such as dining tables & cabinets. And Sheesham is top-ranked in terms of quality & durability.