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posted Apr 01 2016

Reclaimed furniture is furniture made from old timber. Many prized pieces come from buildings being torn down since you’re able to walk away with large beams, floorboards, and planks that perfect for use in other applications. Some artisans are using wood from shipping pallets to create furniture or damaged old furniture to make new items. These reclaimed wood pallets are contemporary but are still “reclaimed” wood.  Reclaimed wood is also used to create that vintage and retro furniture feel and look.

Upcycling refers to recycling something into an item of much higher value than the original. Turning discarded and originally cheap wood pallets into tables and bookcases is certainly a case of upcycling. Bookcases made from pallets is another case of upcycling and reclaimed furniture. However, turning an old table into chairs counts as creating reclaimed wood furniture but it isn’t upcycled. Using old wood floor board son a new floor is only recycling the material. Using old wood beams in your new roof is recycling reclaimed wood.

Most reclaimed wood furniture that we sell is both upcycled and recycled since the building materials are turned into mid-market and luxury furniture. For instance, many of our coffee tablesdining sets, and bedside tables are made from reclaimed wood, which allows us to sell items at a fraction of the price you would pay from other manufacturers, with the same level of quality.