Industrial Furniture

posted Apr 01 2016

Industrial furniture invariably calls on solid, raw materials – predominately metals and recycle timbers – that are hard-wearing and hard-working. Industrial furniture is not whimsical; this is no-nonsense, robust furniture that was originally made with a serious purpose in mind. The design is often quite masculine in style and form.

Industrial furniture doesn’t necessarily mean an item retains its original purpose. For instance, a work bench might become an incredibly dramatic and sturdy kitchen table in a home, cafe and restaurant, or a tractor seat might be reinvented as a stool. Additionally, industrial furniture can be newly designed and developed, but made from industrial materials that are therefore entirely reinvented. For instance, it is not unusual these days to see raw metals and reclaimed timber used in the one design to create a finished piece that may never have seen the inside of a factory, yet would still would be considered ‘industrial’ as a result of its overall feel and flavour.

But it’s not just big, functional items that can be referred to as industrial furniture – mirrors, lamps and clocks can also be tagged industrial if they’re made from certain raw materials that would otherwise seem every bit at home in a working warehouse. Certainly these items existed in factories and can now be found as original vintage industrial must-have pieces.

In short – industrial furniture might have its original home in factories and warehouses around the country, but it’s a look that is very much adding personality, contemporary ‘grit’ and charm to houses, hotels, and restaurant nationwide.

Our manufactured and exported Industrial style furniture can be found in vintage stores, and antique stores specialising in this style and period. There are also specialist furniture retailers who have designed and developed ranges that have the look of vintage industrial but are actually new pieces.