New Questions About Don’t convince yourself you have a lucky game Responded And Why You Should Read Every Word of This Report

posted Aug 31 2019

New Questions About Don’t convince yourself you have a lucky game Responded And Why You Should Read Every Word of This Report

Pretty much every single person I’ve ever spoken to about slots will go out of their way to tell me about their favorite game. About 99 times out of 100 this game isn’t their favorite because they like the theme, graphics, gameplay or sounds; it’s their favorite because they claim that they always win on this type of slot and that it’s lucky for them.

While this isn’t such a bad thing I guess, it’s completely untrue and it’s simply not possible that you could have a lucky machine that you always win on. Remember earlier when I wrote about the randomness of slots and how you can never win? Well this is the case for every type of game, and it can be dangerous to treat a game like it will always pay out for you.

This is because you’ll quite often wager more on this slot in order to achieve that ever elusive win. I’ve seen it happen all too often; so just be careful and don’t fool yourself into thinking a machine will always pay out for you. You’re far better off choosing a favorite game because of the factors we listed earlier. These things include the theme, graphics, general gameplay, and / or sound effects.

Slots are designed to be played very quickly as this will result in the biggest possible intake for the casino that houses it.

Because of this you should take your time in playing slots and don’t continuously spin immediately after the preceding spin finishes. Take some time and analyze the slot face and see how you won, or how you missed out on this occasion.

This way you’ll get more time out of the game and won’t burn through your cash so quickly. It also makes the slot a lot more fun as you can become more intimate with the game in question and how it works.

As a follow up on from the tip I provided above, I’d strongly recommend against automatically stopping the reels once you’ve started a spin.

Basically what this means is you hit spin which starts the reels, then you click it again straight away which automatically stops them to see the result. Usually a slot spin will last at least a few seconds, unless you auto stop the reels, in which case it will only last a few milliseconds.

This will speed up the game even more, which isn’t a good thing as I outlined for you in the tip above. So take your time and allow the reels to spin out themselves. This way the game will be much more enjoyable as it’s about the process rather than the result.


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